The Pet Superfood You Haven’t Heard Of

We’re always hearing about trendy superfoods like quinoa, goji berries, or chia seeds. As trendy as these superfoods can seem, there’s still solid reasoning they earned the “superfood” title. Some studies report superfoods have qualities that may improve the health of our pets, too – which is why the Supreme Source team has added our own superfood into our cat and dog foods – seaweed!

What is a superfood?
Superfoods aren’t limited to a certain type of food group – they’re simply foods that are packed with nutrients and thought to be especially good for one’s health. Superfoods are often plant-based, but can fall into a variety of categories, like fruit, grains, legumes, dairy, leafy greens, and more.

According to the American Heart Association, there are no standard criteria or approved list of super foods, but eating nutritionally dense foods, when incorporated into a balanced diet, can be very beneficial for our health.

A superfood… for pets?
That’s right! You may have heard of the nutrition powerhouse that is seaweed. This greenery from the sea packs health benefits for humans as well as pets, which is why Supreme Source has added USDA organic seaweed to our food. Seaweed contains superior pet nutrition, and may help support digestive sensitivity, maintain intestinal health and support your pet’s overall immune system.

“Seventy percent of an animals’ immune system is based on its digestive health,” said Jeff Hafting, senior manager of research. “So when you’re feeding seaweed, you’re giving them potent prebiotics which is going to help animals that have digestive problems.”

Sourced straight from the sea
The seaweed found in our food is hand-harvested in small batches from the rocky shores of Nova Scotia. Harsh conditions make this strain of seaweed naturally resilient to environmental stress, and that same toughness is intact as it’s carefully sun-dried and blended into our pet food. The type of seaweed found in our food can only be harvested when the tide is coming in or going out, and the harvesters have been honing their craft for decades to ensure the healthiest seaweed selection.

The best part of all? Our food is available at your local grocery store. We are thrilled about the addition of seaweed in our food to provide your pet with superfood nutrition, craftsmanship quality and top-notch taste. Click here to find Supreme Source® near you!

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