5 Ways Seaweed Can Improve Your Pet’s Health

Seaweed is chock-full of health benefits for humans, like helping digestion and providing vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber. Recent research shows that these benefits can transfer to our pets too, which is why we have added seaweed to our pet food. This superfood is a USDA organic seaweed that’s nutrient-rich and may help promote your pet’s health. Check out these 6 reasons to upgrade your pet’s diet with our new and improved Supreme Source® pet food!

Helps Support Digestive Sensitivity
Now, our food is includes seaweed, which may help support digestive sensitivity. Out of all the green superfoods, seaweed is the easiest for dogs to digest as well as improves metabolism.

Helps Maintain Intestinal Health
Seaweed contains loads of fiber, which promotes healthy bowel movements and has anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, and anti-rheumatic properties. It’s also full of prebiotics, which are different than probiotics. Probiotics introduce good bacteria into the gut. Prebiotics are specialized plant fibers which sustain the good bacteria that is already there. A healthy intestinal system will have a well-balanced ratio of both.

Helps Support Overall Immune System
Immune system support is an extremely important quality of pet food. Seaweed contains one of the richest sources of minerals and amino acids and dense amounts of nutrients. Together, these benefits increase energy, and enhance your pet’s overall ability to fight off infections. The powerhouse in seaweed is called polyphenols, which are biological compounds that are full of antioxidants and have been known to help improve the immune system.

Antioxidants Boost Health and Longevity
Our food was already packed with a variety of antioxidants from ingredients like carrots, blueberries, cranberries, spinach, parsley and pomegranates. Then we added another superfood, seaweed, and now your pup is guaranteed powerful antioxidants in every bite! Foods rich in antioxidants are great for heart health, which in turn increases longevity, and may lower risk of infections.

Reduces Itchiness and Skin Conditions
Many dogs have allergies that result in itchy, irritated skin. Seaweed is known to reduce skin dryness and redness, decrease inflammation, and increase shine in your pet’s coat. The addition of seaweed means your pet’s food will be power-packed and super healthy.

As pet parents, it’s our responsibility to provide the healthiest food. Our team of pet parents added seaweed to our food because of the research backing its superfood qualities and amazing health benefits. Do your pet a favor, and feed him or her our food with seaweed. Click here to find Supreme Source® at a location near you!

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