Can Dogs Eat Seaweed?

The most important thing for each pet owner is to make sure that their dogs and cats are getting the proper nutrients to live a long and happy life. As you research the best foods for your pet, you may be wondering, “Can dogs eat seaweed?”. Fortunately, our team at Supreme Source Pet Food has the answer for you!

We feed our pets different things for different reasons. Maybe your pet eats a seafood-based kibble, like salmon, whitefish or other sea life because it helps regulate his digestive tract. Maybe you feed your dog a food strictly because you’ve noticed an improvement in your pet’s skin and coat. Pets’ nutritional needs vary, and they react uniquely to specific ingredients and types of food.

Seaweed is a super food of the sea and is very common for humans to eat. So knowing that, you may be wondering if it’s safe for your dog to eat seaweed. If your dog food contains seaweed, make sure to understand all the benefits that this premium ingredient can provide.

So to answer the question, “Can dogs eat seaweed?” The answer is yes. Seaweed is safe for dogs and has plenty of health benefits! If you’re looking for a great source of nutrients for your dog, seaweed is a great option.

Found in every bag of Supreme Source dog food, sustainably-sourced seaweed is not only great for pets to eat, but packs serious nutrition and may be an advantageous addition to your dog’s diet (especially if they fall into one of the following categories!)

For dogs with sensitive stomachs
Allergies can also affect our pet’s digestive system. Seaweed is easier for pets to digest, and may help firm their stool, regulate their digestion, improve metabolism, and help with an upset stomach. If your pet is affected by stomach sensitivity, talk to your veterinarian about adding seaweed to your dog’s diet. 

For dogs who need a boost
The ingredients found in Supreme Source include blueberries, carrots, parsley, cranberries, pomegranate seeds and seaweed. Like these fruits and veggies, seaweed is loaded with antioxidants, so Supreme Source is powerfully nutritious with every bite. Antioxidants aid heart health, which increases longevity and may lower risk of infections.

Adding seaweed to your pet’s diet can help them get that boost. If you want your dog’s body to perform at its best, the nutritional value provided by seaweed is almost unmatched!

For dogs who lack fiber
What promotes healthy bowel movements plus contains anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor and anti-rheumatic properties? The answer is fiber, a nutrient which both humans and pets need. 

To maintain intestinal health, a daily dose of fiber is important, which you can find in seaweed. In addition to fiber, seaweed is full of prebiotics which help sustain good bacteria in the gut.

Seaweed is great for dogs who have problems finding fiber. Eating seaweed can help support your dog’s digestive system and keep their intestinal tract healthy.

For dogs with itchy skin

Many dogs suffer from allergies. A food known for its soothing skin and shiny coat properties, seaweed may help your pet even further. Supreme Source with seaweed may help reduce skin dryness, redness and decrease inflammation.

It should go without saying – when you eat well, you feel well. Seaweed is considered a superfood because of its many health properties that positively benefit our pets. We’re confident that a diet with superfoods will better your pet’s health, which is why all Supreme Source food contains seaweed. Find Supreme Source at a grocery store near you.

Supreme Source pet food contains seaweed which makes it easy for your pet to get all the benefits of seaweed without the hassle of adding additional supplements to their diet.

So, if you’re still wondering, “Can dogs eat seaweed?”, just remember that seaweed is considered a superfood because of its many beneficial health properties and it’s great for dogs!  

Seaweed has plenty of nutritional benefits and provides essential Omega-3 fatty acids and amino acids. We’re confident that a diet with superfoods will better your dog’s diet and health, which is why all our food contains seaweed. Do your dog’s digestion a solid. Literally! 

Find Supreme Source at a grocery store near you.

Among the pet superfood family is seaweed. Now found in all Supreme Source cat and dog food, this green ocean plant is not only great for pets to eat, but packs serious nutrition and may be an advantageous addition to their diet.

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