Mother’s Day Gifts for Pet Moms

Do you have someone in your life who is a self-proclaimed pet mom? Whether or not they have children, their faithful canine and feline companions are probably considered part of the family. Mother’s Day was originally created as a holiday to celebrate women who have children, but who says those children can’t have four legs? If you are looking to celebrate the dog and cat moms in your life, consider purchasing them one of these fun, mom inspired gifts. If you are the pet mom we are talking about, why not pamper yourself? Check out some ideas here.

Dog/Cat Inspired Jewelry
Pet moms love to showcase their canine and feline love. Jewelry is a great way for them to accessorize and have an opportunity to brag about their dog or cat. Whether they like necklaces, rings or something else, there is sure to be something great to give.

A Pet-Focused Photo Book
For moms looking to fill up their coffee table, a photo book featuring their four-legged friends is sure to grab attention. Scour her Instagram page to find the best shots and go online or into a photo store to make something special.

Supplies for Paw Print Art
If her pet is like her child, what better way to show him off than by creating paw print art. Grab a couple of craft paints and canvases and let her inner artist take over. Just make sure she doesn’t let the dog run around the house with paint-covered paws.

A Chic Dog Bed or Cat Castle
If she is a pet mom, she cares about her pet’s comfort. Dog beds and cat trees do not make the best home decor, but with a cute pattern or design, they can really liven up a space. Give her something she will want to show off to her friends.

Personalized Pet-Inspired Kitchenware
Go online and get creative. Many online shops make customizable mugs, wine glasses, etc. Get a photo of her dog or cat and have it printed onto kitchenware. That way, whenever she uses it, she will think of you and her pet.

Supreme Source Dog Food
A mom will never turn down a free meal for her pet, especially not one with as many nutrients and protein-packed ingredients as Supreme Source. It is also made with a USDA organic seaweed that’s nutrient-rich and helps promote digestion. Including flavors such as Salmon and Sweet Potato and the newest, Pork, Pea and Wild Boar for dogs, and Whitefish and Salmon Meal, and Chicken and Turkey Meal for cats, there is something for every pet.

There is a gift out there for every kind of pet mom. Whether she loves a Chihuahua or an American Shorthair, she is sure to enjoy a gift inspired by her furry friend. Most importantly, don’t forget Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 13 this year.

If you are looking to celebrate the dog and cat moms in your life, consider purchasing them one of these fun, mom inspired gifts.

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