Even Pet Moms Deserve a Break

With such a busy schedule, moms do not usually get much time to focus on themselves. During this time to celebrate mothers, families often find ways to pamper the matriarch of the house. Mother’s Day is a time to relax and forget about the stress that comes with raising children, including those with four legs and a tail. Dog and cat moms also deserve to relax, and these ideas might just help give you the boost you need to take some time for yourself.

Go to a yoga class
Yoga is a great way to unwind and get in shape while you do it. It is an hour out of your day where you do not have to think about everything going on at home. Worried you will miss your pet too much? Some cities have dog yoga classes where you can bring your pup.

Go for a walk at the park
A long walk in nice weather can be a great way to relax and shut your mind off for a little while. Whether you choose to bring your dog or leave him at home, you will feel re-energized after taking some time to walk and reflect.

Take a bath with a bath bomb and a face mask
When you are running around all day, it is hard to find time for yourself. Take the evening to spend some time to relax in the tub. Buy a bath bomb and a face mask and shake the stress of the day off.

Read a good book
Whether you choose to brush up on your cat knowledge or enjoy a love story, taking some time to sit down and read can be a great way to relax. Find a book you haven’t taken the time to read and have a seat.

Spend time with friends
Plan a girls’ night and have fun with your friends. Enjoy a relaxing meal at someone’s home, take your pets to the park or go out for a drink. Even if you are out and about, being with friends can lift stress off your shoulders and remind you to take time to laugh and enjoy the moment.

Spend a day at the spa
There is no better way to take a day off than to spend it being pampered at a spa. Whether it’s a facial, manicure, massage or all of the above, you will leave feeling like your best self. Spas can be expensive, but after all the hard work you put into being a mom, you shouldn’t feel too bad. 

The bond you share with your pet is one of a kind and that relationship is often built on the pampering you provide to them, such as cuddles, belly rubs and after dinner play sessions. Pets bring comfort and spending time with them can also be a great way to de-stress at the end of the day.

However you choose to pamper yourself this Mother’s Day, remember to take a moment for self-care. You work hard taking care of your children, human, feline and canine alike, so now it is time to focus on you.

 Dog and cat moms deserve to relax, and these ideas might just help give you the boost you need to take some time to pamper yourself.


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