Make the Switch, Experience the Benefits

Changing your pet’s diet may not be at the top of your mind, but is something that could have a variety of long-term benefits for your four-legged friend. While there is a variety of options on the market, Supreme Source created a food with seaweed for both cats and dogs.

Switching your pet over to Supreme Source food is, in some ways, a detox. Over a period of about two weeks, a slow transition of food will have long term benefits, that will get your animal on the right track to health. Starting the Supreme Source Pet Detox may seem daunting, but the benefits it provides are more than worth it.

Brain food for your pet
Healthy fruits, vegetables and whole proteins are full of potassium, fiber, vitamins and minerals for dogs, while the abundance of antioxidants and fatty acids are great for cats. These ingredients not only help to boost your pet’s immune system, but also reduce stress and stimulate cognitive functioning.

A coat that shines
The rich protein, antioxidants and complex carbs will help promote a healthier coat for your pet. Their skin will be softer and fur noticeably shinier. There is nothing like a healthy coat to give your pet a little pep in their step.

Energy for the long run
Just like humans, when animals eat better, they feel better. Feeling better translates into more energy to run, play and fetch. Superfood builds muscles while maintaining a healthy weight, meaning your dog or cat will naturally want to be more active. The more active your pet is, the healthier they are.

A happy stomach for a healthy pet
Making the superfood switch can also help promote a healthier digestive system in your pet. With more healthy bacteria and nutrients, the seaweed acts as a powerful prebiotic. This can result in a healthier stomach, kidneys, liver and overall digestive system.

Along with these specific benefits, the overall health and happiness of your animal could change for the better. Supreme Source food with seaweed packs protein into your cat or dog’s diet, helping them live longer, healthier and happier lives.

While there is a variety of grain-free pet food options on the market, Supreme Source created a grain-free food with seaweed for both cats and dogs.

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