Easter Treats That Can Harm Your Pet

Easter is just around the corner and with it comes chocolate, Easter lilies and an array of other goodies that are harmful to pets. It is important to be aware of the items that can harm their pets to prepare for the upcoming holiday.

For humans, chocolate bunnies and eggs are a delicious treat, but they can cause severe illness and can even be fatal to pets in larger doses. Most people know that chocolate is bad for pets, but some candies, such as sugar-free gum, are also toxic to animals because they can contain xylitol, an artificial sweetener. It is important to keep your cat or dog away from candy. We suggest keeping baskets in cabinets and away from your four-legged friends to avoid any potential harm.

Flowers, a staple of Easter, are also allergens for pets. While most flowers may not be toxic, they can cause allergies that present as skin and digestive problems in your pet. Easter lilies are especially harmful to pets and can cause severe reactions if ingested. If you have a cat, we suggest keeping Easter lilies out of the house altogether, as even one or two leaves can be fatal for them.

Pets will not shy away from items that are toxic to them, so it is important to keep these items away from your animal. Providing a basket for your pet, full of goodies such as treats and Supreme Source food, can make them feel part of the celebration, without risking allergic reactions.

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