Winter Wear for Pets

It’s the dead of winter. And with winter comes cold weather (for the most part). This can leave you and your pet wishing for warmer days. But your pet doesn’t have to wait to be cozy and warm. There are a number of products that serve to keep your pet warm even on the coldest of days. Not sure where to start? Check out this list. 

You can’t go wrong with a coat 

There are a lot of options for pet wear, but a coat may be the most functional. When it is snowing or below freezing, your pet’s fur may not suffice to keep him warm. A coat can add another layer of protection from wet or frigid conditions. 

Stay cozy inside 

Even if your pet is inside, he could still be colder than usual. Consider buying a heated bed for your cat or dog. Like a heated blanket for humans, it provides a gentle warmth that can make any day feel like spring. Make sure to read all the safety instructions beforehand to avoid any mishaps.

Cover those paws

If your pet will tolerate them, there are many bootie options to keep paws warm. If you have to venture outside, booties can keep your pets paws warm and safe from things like ice salt and chunks of ice. Does your pet hate booties? There are also pet safe ointments available that provide a protective layer to keep out the cold. 

A blanket helps too

If you are looking for a quick and simple solution to a chilly pet, throw an extra blanket in his kennel or on his bed. He can bury himself in the fabric and stay extra warm. 

Keep in mind, your pet may not enjoy certain winter accessories. While a coat can be both cute and functional, your pet may not agree. Make sure you consider your pet’s feelings about clothing and other items when you are choosing items to keep them warm. 

There are a number of products that serve to keep your pet warm even on the coldest of days. Check out this list of winter wear for pets.

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