Cold Weather Safety for Pets

Unless you are lucky enough to live in a warmer climate, February usually feels like the dead of winter. From snow to ice and temperatures below freezing, the weather comes with a number of potential safety concerns for pets. While spring isn’t far away, keep in mind these tips to avoid any mishaps in the cold. 

Limit time outside

If it is cold enough for you to shiver, it’s way too cold to leave your pet outside for long. Just like humans, pets can experience hypothermia and frostbite when left in the cold for long. Limit time outside to bathroom breaks or a quick walk in the afternoon. And if your pet looks cold, he probably is. 

Walk with a leash

When water freezes over, it can look like a fun playground for your pet. But it can be very dangerous. If you live near bodies of water that may have frozen, make sure to walk your pet on a leash. This will keep him from wandering off and finding a frozen pond to run on. 

Cats should be kept inside

Just as you should limit a dog’s time outdoors, it’s the same for cats. Some cats prefer to spend their time outside, but if it’s too cold, they should be brought into the house. If left outside, they could try to seek shelter in warmer, dangerous areas, such as underneath the hood of a car. 

Consider winter wear for your pets

There are all kinds of pet coats and other winter products available. If your pet doesn’t mind wearing clothing, consider purchasing a winter coat to keep him warm. There are also pet booties that can help keep paws warm and free of debris, such as road salt and ice. 

The winter is cold, but it doesn’t have to be an unsafe time for your pet. Staying cozy indoors and only going out when necessary can save both you and your pet from winter weather woes. 

Cold weather safety for pets is important. While spring isn’t far away, keep in mind these tips to avoid any mishaps in the cold.

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