Pampering for People and Pets

While you have spent all week stressed at work, your pet has spent all week sleeping at home. Your pet may not be in dire need of a spa day but you sure are. Are you looking for a way to relax and keep your pet happy as well? These fun ways to pamper both you and your pet can make for a great day of bonding.

A nice, warm bath
While not all pets love hopping in the tub, warm water and clean fur can actually be relaxing in the end. You may not be able to coax your cat into the tub, but there are different products available to keep your pet both happy and clean. Whether you choose to use pet wipes or water, clean fur is a great way to start a spa day. After bathing your pets, take 30 minutes to relax in the tub on your own. Pour in some bubbles, grab a candle and drift into bathtub paradise.

Massage time
Is your dog a fan of the belly rub? Give your pet a few minutes of undivided, petting attention. Massage the areas that help them relax. If you are lucky, they just might fall asleep. After they’ve drifted into a relaxing slumber, sneak away and go get a massage of your own. Treating yourself to 30 minutes of uninterrupted peace might be just what you need.

Nails and claws
Having fresh cut nails can really make your pet feel like a new person, or rather animal. If you are not comfortable trimming your pets’ nails, take them to the groomer. While you wait for them, head over to the local salon and treat yourself to a manicure or pedicure. After all, every pet mom deserves a break.

Treat yourself
Every pet and owner alike enjoy indulging in a treat every now and then. Try Supreme Source treats to give your pet an extra special day. Do you have a sugar craving too? Swing by your local bakery to treat yourself to something sweet.


These fun ways to pamper both you and your pet can make for a great day of bonding.

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