Celebrate Safety: Fourth of July for Pets

The biggest holiday of the summer is here. The Fourth of July is a fun, firework-filled event that humans and animals alike can enjoy. While many aspects of celebrating are a great time to include your pets, others can bring about potential dangers for your four-legged friends. Keep these things in mind when planning your holiday parties and help keep your dogs and cats out of harm’s way.



Unlike people, pets cannot associate the bangs and flashes to the excitement of fireworks. Dogs and cats can become easily frightened by the loud noises and flashes of light. If you want your pets to participate in the festivities, it is best to bring them inside as the sun goes down. Putting them in a comfortable and familiar area can help relieve some of the stress they may experience from all the noise.



The Fourth of July might be the hottest holiday of the year. No matter where you are in the country, it is likely that the temperatures will be warmer than what your pets are used to. For pets that have spent too much time out in the sun, overheating can pose serious risks. Heat stroke can occur quickly, especially for animals with thicker coats of fur. Hydration and frequent breaks inside the house can help prevent heat stroke.



Most people know that certain human foods can harm pets. While it is tempting to slip your dog a chicken bone or your cat a chip, you should consider food allergies, choking hazards and even sugar and fat content. Keeping extra treats on hand will ensure your pets get to enjoy the fun, without being put in danger. Check out Supreme Source treats for a healthier alternative to table scraps that is sure to keep your pets happy.


Getting lost

Your pets may want to come outside and join in the festivities. It is great to include the family pets in the fun, but you should keep them close by, as many may try to wander. New people and loud noises could scare your pet, and they might find a way to get away. Make sure your pets are properly marked or microchipped before letting them outside. This will ensure they can be found it they happen to wander off.


Staying home

If you are leaving the house and going to an unfamiliar place, it might be best to leave your pets at home. Wanting to celebrate with your entire family, tails included, is understandable, but some events may not be pet-friendly. New places may frighten your pet and if he becomes lost, it could be much harder to track him down.

There are a number of ways to keep your pets involved during the holiday, whether they tag along or not. However you choose to spend the Fourth of July, we wish you a safe and fun holiday!


Keep these things in mind when planning your holiday parties and help keep your dogs and cats out of harm’s way.

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