Celebrate Your Dog With a Party

The biggest celebration in the world of dogs is on Sunday, August 26. National Dog Day is just around the corner and a great opportunity to throw a party for your pup. Not sure how to host a party full of pets? Check out this list of ways to throw the ultimate dog party!

Printable Invites
Invitations are important if you want to have a lot of guests. Download the e-invites below and send them via email or text to all your friends and their pets – kitties included!

Party decorations don’t have to take a lot of time. Pick up a party banner, dog-themed balloons and other decorations at your local party supply store for hassle-free décor. Looking for a way to point people to the party? Chalk some paw prints outside your door to lead the way.

Party Games
It is important to make sure the dogs and their cat friends don’t get bored. After all, you would hate for them to start chewing on shoes. A bucket of toys including balls, frisbees and feather toys for cats are a simple way to entertain. Owners can play with their pets while they chat with other guests.

Treats for Everyone
Party treats aren’t always just for humans. Make sure to have a table of pet-friendly snacks for your four-legged guests, too. You can leave bags out to fill with party favors, like Supreme Source dog and cat treats. If you really want to wow your friends, try this dog-friendly icing on top of the biscuits.

Party Hats
Can’t find party hats for dogs? Try making this DIY Party Hat and make sure to get lots of pictures before the hats inevitably get chewed up.

Throwing a dog party for National Dog Day is a fun way to celebrate your four-legged friends and can be a great way to connect with fellow pet owners. With a few DIY projects, lots of pups and a few cats, your party will be complete. Now you have all the tools you need to celebrate your favorite companion!

Download this invite to send to your friends!

Calling all party animals! Join us to celebrate the pets in your life.


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