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How Much To Feed Dogs

Pet owners should determine how much to feed dogs based on a variety of important factors, such as breed and…

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Managing Your Dog’s Weight

Overweight pets are all too common, however food and lifestyle management can positively impact the health of your dog. Learn…

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How Often Should I Visit a Vet?

Pet parents often ask what they should be doing to help keep their pets healthy. There are a few things…

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Health Tips Fit for a Dog

As a veterinarian, pet owners often ask me what they should be doing to help keep their animals healthy.

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Dog Food ABCs

Picking the right food for your dog out of all the choices available today can be overwhelming.

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Fruits and Vegetables for Dogs

Are there fruits and vegetables for dogs that provide a balanced diet? Yes! There are a number of nutritional benefits…

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What is Meal in Dog Food?

What is meal in dog food? Salmon and turkey meal are used used in Supreme Source®  dog food. Turkey meal…

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