Managing Your Dog’s Weight

Overweight pets are all too common, however food and lifestyle management can positively impact the health of your dog. Learn more on how your veterinarian can help you keep your dog from being overweight.

How can you manage your pet’s weight? 

Take your dog to the vet to ensure they are a healthy weight to start. Determining a dog’s ideal weight can be difficult. For example, English Bulldogs and Italian Greyhounds are about the same height but they weigh completely different because of their unique body types. Veterinarians can determine if a dog is the proper weight by calculating their body condition score.

Recent studies have shown that one in four pets is overweight. If your dog is overweight, your veterinarian will rule out medical conditions first, before attributing it to excess calories.

Your vet will also establish your pet’s goal weight and give you a plan to help your pet lose those excess pounds.

Proper exercise, nutrition and routine vet visits can help manage your pet’s weight and overall health.

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