Outdoor Activities for You and Your Pet

With the summer sun brightening and temperatures rising, getting outside with your pet can provide new adventures for you both. Whether you have a cat or dog, there are a number of outdoor activities for you and your pet.

Go for a walk

Both cats and dogs can go on walks! Take them out to explore the neighborhood or a new park in town. Leash walking will give you control of where your dog or cat is going, but still allow them some freedom (Note: Your cat may require more training to walk on a leash). Make sure you bring water with you and turn back when your cat or dog is tired to avoid dehydration or over exertion.

Play in the yard

If you have a fenced backyard, take your dog or cat outside to play with some of their favorite toys. Whether you choose fetch, frisbee or chasing a feather, your pet will enjoy playing in the sun. If your cat likes to run off and a fence won’t deter him, it may be best to play indoors.

Have a picnic

Put your pet on a leash, grab their favorite Supreme Source food and a picnic blanket and head to the park. Relax in the shade of a tree or lay out in the sun while you both enjoy your meal. Make sure to pack plenty of water too.

Go to the beach

Your cat may not enjoy the actual water as much as your dog but bringing your pet to the beach is a good way to get out and enjoy the fresh air.  Your dog can go for a swim and your cat and chill in a stroller. If your cat is feeling really adventurous, put him on a leash and let him dip his paws in.

Go to a pet-friendly grocery store

Some grocery stores allow pets to come along while you shop. While the actual store is indoors, the trip there is a chance to get your pet out of the house. If your pet loves short car rides, a quick trip to the store is a great option for a new adventure. When you get to the store, let your pet pick out a new toy for an added reward!

It is summer and getting outside with your pet provides new adventures. Whether a cat or dog, there are a number of outdoor activities for you and your pet.

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