New Packaging, Same Great Flavors

Supreme Source’s pet food and treats are getting a new look! Over the next couple of months, new, environmentally-friendly packaging is hitting the shelves thanks to Supreme Source’s recent partnership with Morris Packaging. And the best part? The products will still have the same great flavors that your pets know and love!

While the packaging will look different, you will still recognize its color palette of brown and bright colors such as orange and blue. The logo will change slightly, but will remain the same shape, making it easy to spot in your local grocery store aisle. Additionally, a more detailed view of the ingredients will be featured on the back of the food bags, giving you information about the nutritional benefits of the food’s key ingredients. While the formula for Supreme Source  dog food, dog biscuits and soft treats for dogs and cats will remain the same, the formula for Supreme Source cat food will have a new and improved aroma and taste.

Over the course of the next few months, the old packaging will be phased out of retailers. As the new look hits the shelves, you could still encounter older packaging, but everything in the bags is exactly the same for both, with the exception of the cat food with improved aroma and taste. The new packaging will be everywhere by this fall.

We chose Morris Packaging for its unique manufacturing process for packaging that focuses on minimizing energy consumption, utilizing recycled goods and ultimately reducing the environmental impact. Additionally, consumers will now be able to recycle the packaging after they have emptied the bag. This small step can help eliminate a significant amount of waste. Made with EcoQuest and Post-Consumer Resin (PCR) film, the package will be store drop off ready. This guarantees the package will be recycled into a new form. PCR film also contains a minimum of 30 percent recycled product, which will add up to approximately 8.5 million recycled water bottles in the coming year!

Look out for our new packaging on your local grocery store shelves and on And don’t forget to grab a bag and help us reduce our environmental impact, one pet at a time.

Supreme Source’s line of grain-free pet food and treats is getting a new look! New, environmentally-friendly packaging is hitting the shelves.

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